About Us

Zodiac Group was founded in 2008 by Mrs. Siham Abdulaziz Hassanain, owner of Siham International Trading Company, a leading Saudi business in Hospitality and Food & beverage industry.

When she decided to transform her passion for food and beverages into an authentic fine dining experiences.

Focusing into bringing creative ideas to the local market carried by a dedicated team to accomplish goals.

Our guiding philosophy is to create unique and exceptional taste to our guests.


Our Story

After years of hard work and commitment. Zodiac Group successfully opened a series of restaurants and cafés in contemporary and refined concepts by taking care of the smallest details. At Zodiac Group we believe in creating a memorable experience for our guests that combines culinary excellence with outstanding services. The group restaurants now include Zodiac Cuisine, Zodiac Garden, Kooz Karak and El Lechazo Restaurants. Zodiac Group also serves for catering of special occasions and parties


Zodiac Cuisine


ZodiaC Cuisine, founded in 2009, is a premium fine dining restaurant specialized in the quality dining experiences. The restaurant was designed to provide dining experience which combines culinary excellence and exceptional service in a lush atmosphere. Registered as brand in the UK and established in Jeddah, KSA. For two successive years in 2016 and 2017 Zodiac Cuisine has been awarded the Shield of Excellence by Jeddah Municipality which is a shining proof of hard work and team commitment.

Zodiac Garden Jeddah


Participating in Jeddah Season 2019 Zodiac Garden was founded as a new concept of Zodiac Cuisine. It was one of the few local restaurants competing with international restaurant. The location was built in only 14 days in Obhur Area, with a breathtaking view over the Red Sea. Zodiac Garden restaurant has designed a new dining experience for the guests offering them a wide selection of salads and appetizers including innovative main courses and desserts.

Zodiac Garden Riyadh


Following the success of Jeddah Season. Zodiac Garden was also participating in Riyadh Season 2019 in one of the 12 most visited zones, Riyadh Boulevard that during peak times could accommodate up to 400,000 visitors a day. Making it the only Saudi Brand Restaurant in the area, with a magnificent view over the dancing fountain. The restaurant features upscale European cuisines such as authentic Greek dishes and distinctive Italian dishes along with Japanese cuisines.

Kooz Karak


Kooz Karak is a specialized brand in Hijazi and Indian Traditional cuisines. Focusing in Karak, Almond Coffee, Arabic Coffee and different types of Tea. Also, it provides Chapati and Paratha served with different delicious fillings.

El Lechazo


Our latest brand in the group in Riyadh City. El Lechazo Restaurant features Spanish and Portuguese cuisines, specialized in meat and is famous for its unique grilling style, which gives dishes the perfect flavor in a wonderful atmosphere with modern service by a dedicated team in providing high-end services. The creative chefs of El Lechazo will give you an exceptional experience with the taste that will always remain in your memory.